About the Measures

Measures were chosen based on their face validity, psychometric qualities, evidence linking them to physical and health outcomes, and length of time it takes to complete them. There were not formal literature reviews or meta-analyses conducted in each domain area. Instead, we relied on the experience of area experts to give us their opinion after years of work in this area. Because our goal is to help improve stress measurement in epidemiologic studies in particular, we asked Network experts to place a lot of weight in the length of the measure in their evaluation, placing greater value on shorter measures. There is still significant work to be done in improving these measures.

Stress measures are generally administered in three ways: self-report/ questionnaires, task-based, and biological. We have not included recommendations for assessment of the physiological stress response or biomarkers of stress on this website, instead we refer you to the Biomarker Network website: http://gero.usc.edu/CBPH/network/.

Disclaimer: For self-report measures, we discourage choosing specific items from the scale. In order to compare effect sizes across studies, it is essential to have the full scale so scores can be calculated accurately and consistently.